After creating online stores for many of our clients for years, we at AICE realised the problems that the customers were facing when ordering online, including:
1. Ordering something but getting something else delivered
2. Delays in deliveries
3. Communication issues

And so, we came up with an idea that changes everything, introducing:

WAY - Logo - Black

At Wear All Year, a 100% Pakistani company, we cater to all of those problems by:
1. Checking the quality, size and color of all products on camera, before dispatching and we match them with the photos and descriptions provided by the brands (which are displayed on product pages), so you always get exactly what you order
2. Ensuring that all orders are dispatched on time and if not, giving cashback to customers per day of the orders being dispatched late
3. Providing multiple communication channels including live chat and frequently staying in touch with the customers and the brands so that there are no issues due to lack of communication

We also believe that it is our responsibility to care about those who cannot afford to buy clothes and so we have launched our clothes donation charity project, WAY For All and we give 2.5% from every product sold to it.

All of the products being sold on Wear All Year have the same or lower prices than what they are being sold for by brands elsewhere.

We need your support and prayers in making Wear All Year the biggest fashion e-commerce platform of Pakistan by having hundreds of brands on-board.