We have made certain terms and conditions for us, the brands and the customers to follow, in order to provide a seamless and transparent shopping experience. They are as follows:




The products in this section are present in our warehouse. They have already been quality checked and will be dispatched urgently (unless there are products from other sections added to the same order).

According to our agreement with our partner brands, we have offered the same or lower prices of the products of our partner brands on Wear All Year, than what they are selling elsewhere for, so you get our services including quality checking, taxes and credit/debit card payment charges, all inclusive of the prices which you will get on the brands' selling channels.

All of the products on our platform are provided by our partner brands and you will find some products underpriced and some overpriced. Therefore we recommend doing some research on the brands you are buying from, to have a better idea of the quality and pricing of their products.

The collections that have the 'coming soon' label will soon have products in them so subscribe to our newsletter in order to stay updated with new types of products that are added to Wear All Year.

We are launching this section soon. It will have weekly deals and special discounts including occasional and clearance sales.

We are launching this section soon. It will have new products added to Wear All Year, every month.



Once an order is placed, we will call/message you to confirm your order if all ordered products are available (or can be manufactured). We have tried to keep all stock quantities accurate but since we have a huge platform with thousands of products, there can be instances when an ordered product is not available. Once an order is confirmed with the customer, the order dispatching countdown will start.

We will ensure timely dispatching of all orders and if an order is dispatched later than the committed time, the customer will get PKR 1000 in-store cashback per day of the delay (upto PKR 3000). The dispatching time of products can be found in the description section of the respective product pages. After confirmation, that order will be dispatched according to the dispatching time of the product with the longest dispatching time in the order.



WAY Delivery is our own delivery service and is only available in Lahore right now. We aim to provide faster delivery than any other company even as fast as within 2 hours of placing orders (from the inventory section).

We have partnered with many courier companies so that the customers can choose their delivery company of choice to deliver their orders.

The claim percentage of every courier company can be found on the shipping section of the checkout page. This percentage, according to the courier companies, is what they guarantee that they will give from the payment of the order, if the shipment goes missing or is damaged, so please choose your delivery service wisely as we will not be responsible for giving you a refund on your orders that are damaged or go missing, for companies not offering 100% claims.

Shipping rates of our courier companies can be found on the shipping section of the checkout page. We do not have any handling charges and the rates that you see are what it costs us to send a shipment.

Shipping estimates can be checked by our customers using order tracking codes which will be sent to the customers by us after dispatching their orders.